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The ingredients used to make handmade soaps are of best quality compared to the commercial soaps made with low cost oils and animal fats ( tallow) whereas, we go for the best oils like olive oil,coconut oil, almond oil etc to make our best products. Our soaps use goat milk and vegetable glycerin and the best quality of herbs and essential oils. Cure Hut soaps are grade 1 soaps with TFM of more than 85%.

TFM in the soap is the Total fatty matter present in the soap and it determines the quality of the soaps. 

According to the Bureau of Indian Standard ,the soap is categorized as toilet soap or bath soap depending on the percentage of the TFM present in the soap.

  • Grade 1 soaps: They TFM Minimum of 76%  of TFM
  • Grade 2 Soaps : they have Minimum of 70 % of TFM
  • Grade 3 Soaps: They have Minimum of 60% of TFM

Essential oils are naturally made extracts from flowers ,fruit etc. These pure extracts are made from flowers,fruits, roots and herbs by steaming or pressing the botanicals. It takes several pounds of flowers to get a 10ml bottle of essential oil and to preserve the natural essence of the oils. Hence, make it costlier.

Fragrance oils are synthetic aromas.They are artificial made aromas of flowers and fruits chemically mixed. Thus they are cheaper and not good for skin.

We do not deal with lye . We go for a melt and pour and get the best quality soap base made by our suppliers with special order so we can control our  TFM percentage. As we are makers of grade 1 soaps.

It completely depends on the bath lovers and shower takers, yet should last for three to four weeks. Soap should not be kept directly under the water  stream and should be kept on a soap dish after use for drying. Hence it will last longer.

CureHut is bringing you natural,handmade,remedial soap specially  categorized  for different skin types using the best herbs and essential oils to cure your skin problem and protect your natural beauty. Additionally we are soap crafters giving soap exotic looks with remedial properties.

When we say our soaps are natural we mean the natural ingredients of best qualities, no animal fat,best oils used for saponification. Our soaps are free from the preservatives, artificial fragrance,parabens, artificial colours.

No, the soap doesn’t melt but the sweating may appear  due to the natural products present in the soaps. Due to the  fluctuation of the temperature, changes may occur. If soap is not in use, keep it in shrink wrap and box store in a dry cool place for prolong shelf life.

Yes, we do take custom orders for weddings or other festives gifting. Please hit the CONTACT button for custom orders.

Yes, we make goat milk base soap. They are extremely skin friendly , we have different flavours as well as design for this you can choose from the category.

Glycerin base soaps are best for the oily skin. If you are not accustomed to handmade soaps you find all of them very skin friendly since all natural products used protect your skin. Our goatmilk base soaps are also mild on the skin.

Order & Delivery

Though , it is not necessary to have an account for shopping. You can use your email id for shopping but it is recommended for better personalized experience ,helps you with fast check out.

Yes, customization of order is possible depending on the availability of the stock and time required to work. For any customisation please Contact Us.

Regretfully, the products out of stock are not available for sale. Please drop us a line so we can intimate you for the same.

Once  we  receive the order the confirmation mail is sent to the  provided email id  you will receive the confirmation through your email  with the unique Order Id with the list of items you have ordered and notified when the products will be shipped to you. Shipping details along with the tracking Id will also be sent to you.

While placing the order if the payment failures occur then you go back to the cart section and reorder from the shopping cart.

The shipping charge of the product is automatically calculated based    on the delivery location and weight  of items in your cart. Some items may have additional charges depending on the nature of the product.

Yes, we do provide free delivery for the purchase above rupees 1000/- at any location in India.

The estimated delivery time is 3 to 5 days but sometimes delays may  happen due to uncertainty .we will get in touch with you. if any rescheduling happens to the delivery date.

The delivery will be done by most reliable and fastest courier services   and if there is no courier service available in your area. We will get in touch with you for a convenient alternative location for delivery serviced by other courier services

All the CureHut products are dispatched with the tracking Id which  helps you track the status. We will email you courier details and tracking details after we dispatch your order. The tracking can be done from the track order page with email id and order number.

Payments and Cards

CureHut offers different online payment modes.Whatever mode of online is used you can be assured that CureHut secured payment gateway partners  use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidentials all times. 

  We have different online payment modes like internet banking, Debit card,Credit card and Cash on delivery to make your purchase. We also accept payment made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB credit/debit cards.

All credit card/debit card details remain confidential and private. Cure Hut payment gateway partners use encryption technology and all your information is safe.

No, CureHut doesn’t collect or store customer  account information. Your transaction  is authorized at multiple points at CCavenue and subsequently at Visa/ Mastercard/Amex/JCB secure directly without passing information to us. 

We are not in the mob app as of now so, It is recommended to go for a web page which will give you easy payment.

Cancellation And Returns

You can cancel your order any time after placing it. You cancel it directly by the Return order page.

CureHut has an easy return and hassle free cancellation policy. To know more please visit our return policy page.

We can refund you on the receipt of the item or online tracking shows the item has been delivered to the original  source of address. Once item is received ,we will credit the amount within 5 to 7 working days ( excluding saturdays and sundays and bank holidays).

CureHut is a homegrown and self funded business started with the vision to make organic, natural and handmade soaps crafters. The research and development started from a kitchen laboratory with a small batch of soaps.

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