Massage Bar Soap: Facial treatment is having much beneficial effect on your skin by increasing the glow and smoothness. In this article, we will discuss having the same floor and smoothness without any facial treatment. We will talk about face massage in treatment, which is the best way and natural way to get youthful and radiant skin. The human face consists of 42 facial muscles, and the face massage is to massage all those muscles. This is similar to the changes happening in your body due to exercise. Face massage increases blood circulation and relaxes the facial muscles.

In Ayurveda, the concept of massage is which part of the body is considered as a therapy. Face massage recently gaining popularity due to the use of natural organic soap and massage with similar effects as a facial treatment. Various individuals even consider doing facial yoga, which also provides the same benefits as face massage. Face massage has a deep impact on the nervous system a relaxing the facial muscle along with the skin. It will help you to reduce anxiety and stress, which in return give you healthy skin.

After a hard day of work, it is recommended to get a facial massage using natural handmade soap, which will relax your face as well as body.

Benefits of Face Massage by Massage Bar Soap:

Face massage is easy to do compared to facial massage, as it requires less equipment and homemade product. These are the basic benefits of getting a face massage.

  • It improves blood circulation along with does lymphatic drainage.
  • It helps in toning your face. It brings back the tightness of the skin and reduces sebum trapped in the pores.
  • Reduces wrinkles from your face. With the increasing elasticity of the skin, it gets rid of wrinkles due to aging.
  • Reduces the chance of acne and dirty pores. It increases the smoothness and glow of the skin.
  • It helps in the skin repair process by increasing blood circulation and facial muscle massage.
  • Get relief from discomforts caused by the sinus.

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Guide to Face Massage with Natural Massage Bar Soap:

Few basic beginner steps need to be followed to complete an efficient facial massage. Read the steps carefully before applying facial massage to your face.

1. Use any natural organic massage bar soap to wash your face properly. You need to use clean hands and pieces of equipment to avoid damage to your skin.

2. Choose any kind of essential oil all face serum suitable to your skin type. You need to select natural face serum, which provides maximum benefit without causing any irritation or damage. You can always do a patch test to avoid an allergic reaction to that particular kind of serum or oil. Even if they are made out of natural ingredients, some of them might cause irritation or allergic reaction.


3. Apply the selected serum or oil gently all over your face. It is recommended to use your fingers to tap all over the face. This procedure will activate all the facial muscles. Facial massage can also include gently pressing on different regions of the face, which improves the blood circulation in your face.

4. Now massage your face with the index finger on the middle finger starting from the forehead. Now you need to move down to the temples, and then down to your cheek.

5. Use inward to outward motion to roll under the eyes gently. Use of similar motion of facial massage close to your eyebrows.

6.  Now apply mild pressure without fingers from the chin to the cheekbone muscle. Use an upward motion to increase the blood flow, and to relax your muscle.

7. You need to massage from below of the ear lobe and using the downward motion you need to move from neck to collar bone. This process is called lymphatic drainage, which needs to be done properly to achieve the maximum result.

8. Identify the acupressure points which are located on your face, and massage them properly. By massaging the acupressure points you will decrease anxiety, will feel more relaxing, will get relief from the sinus, and also it will improve your sleep. The acupressure points are located in the following regions.

  • Between eyebrows.
    • Centre of the forehead.
    • Under the earlobe.
    • Both sides of the forehead are near the temples.
    • Just between the north and upper lip region in the center part.
    • At the front side of the ear, it is also known as the tragus.
    • Under the eyes.
    • The part where nostrils connect with the face in the groove.

9. Use a gentle tab on every pressure point about ten times.

10. Use the unidirectional motion to apply all kinds of massages mentioned above. It is recommended to repeat every step five times to get the maximum result.

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